Global Geopolitical Risks Forecast for 2024

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Global Geopolitical Risks Forecast for 2024

Current Situation

  • Escalating Tensions: Multiple potential conflict zones, with 27 points of instability globally.
  • Middle East Dynamics: Intensifying Iran-Israel conflict, potential escalation in Yemen, and widespread regional unrest.
  • Russia-Ukraine Conflict: High tension, with increased Ukrainian aggression and NATO mobilization.
  • North Korea's Aggression: Threats of nuclear strikes against South Korea.
  • China-Taiwan Relations: Rising tensions due to pro-Western leadership in Taiwan.
  • Nuclear War Risk: Growing concerns due to suspended nuclear treaties and satellite data indicating nuclear readiness.
  • Cybersecurity Threats: Increasing risk of nation-state-sponsored cyber-attacks.
  • Global Financial Instability: Record high bank lending rates, potential for a significant financial crisis.
  • Civil Unrest in the US: High polarization, with risks of contentious elections and potential civil conflict.
  • Terrorist Threats: High likelihood of increased terrorist activities globally.
  • Climate Crisis: Record-breaking global temperatures, droughts, and rising sea levels.

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