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Risk Assessment Report: Paris, France

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Risk Assessment Report: Paris, France

Current Situation

  • Travel Advisory Level Raised: The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has elevated the travel advisory for Paris due to terrorism threats, marking it under a yellow travel advisory. This suggests travel is possible but carries notable risks (Source: NL Times).
  • Recent Terrorist Attack: A recent attack near the Eiffel Tower resulted in one fatality and several injuries, exemplifying the heightened threat level (Source: NL Times).
  • France's Highest Terrorist Threat Level: Since October, France's terrorist threat level has been at its peak following a knife attack at a school in northern France (Source: NL Times).
  • Increased Security Measures: Major cultural and sporting events in France, especially in Paris, are under stringent security protocols. There are regular evacuations at public venues due to security concerns, including suspicious packages (Source: NL Times).
  • Legal Actions Against Union Members: Post the controversial pension reform, over 1,000 members of France's CGT federation face legal actions related to their participation in protests. This situation indicates a tense and possibly confrontational social climate (Source: Barron's).


The situation in Paris is currently marked by a complex interplay of increased security threats and socio-political tensions. The elevated travel advisory and recent terrorist incidents in Paris signal a tangible risk for travelers, particularly in high-profile areas like the Eiffel Tower. The government's response, including heightened security measures at public events and venues, is indicative of the seriousness of these threats.

The aftermath of the pension reform protests has led to a significant legal crackdown on union activists, reflecting a deep-seated social and political discord. This tension, while primarily internal, could have implications for the overall security environment in Paris, potentially affecting travelers indirectly through heightened security measures or disruptions caused by ongoing social unrest.

The convergence of these factors – terrorism threats and socio-political unrest – creates a volatile environment for travelers. While the probability of direct involvement in terrorist incidents remains statistically low, the heightened security environment and potential for public disorder present real challenges for navigating the city.


  • Stay Informed: Travelers should regularly monitor local news and updates from reliable sources like the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and French local media for the latest security advisories and developments.
  • Heightened Vigilance: Be particularly vigilant in crowded public places, near major tourist attractions, and during large public events.
  • Comply with Security Measures: Adhere to all security measures and instructions from local authorities, including identity checks and compliance during evacuations.
  • Avoid Protest Sites: Stay clear of locations where protests or large gatherings are taking place, as these can escalate quickly.
  • Emergency Contacts: Keep emergency contacts handy, including local emergency services and your country's embassy in France.
  • Alternative Itineraries: Consider alternative destinations in France with lower advisory levels for a more secure travel experience.
  • Travel Insurance: Ensure comprehensive travel insurance coverage, including provisions for medical emergencies and trip cancellations or disruptions.

This report aims to provide a balanced view of the current situation in Paris, offering practical advice to mitigate risks while acknowledging the dynamic nature of the environment. Travelers should remain adaptable and alert to changes in the situation. ​

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